Hey Yogis!


In this video I’m talking about the majorly taboo subject that no one in yoga wants to talk about: MONEY.

Why aren’t yoga teachers allowed to talk about what they earn? How come we aren’t given permission to want to earn a good living for our good work? Why do yoga teachers take a vow of poverty? WHY do we devalue and undersell ourselves so much!?

This conversation was a hard one to have. I was afraid that people would find me greedy or arrogant if I spoke about making money in yoga. I talk about our money stories as yogis. I also talk about changing our mindset about earning for our great work in yoga. Let me know if this video has an impact on you!

Did you get a reaction out of it?
Has this started you thinking about the way you think about and use money in your life?
Tell me what you think! Leave me a comment!

Author: Lauren Rudick

Lead teacher and founder of Yoga Academy International, Lauren is a globally celebrated yoga instructor. She has been teaching yoga for nearly a decade and comes from a variety of lineages and traditions. Lauren’s appetite for yoga and travel are insatiable. She continues to study with world-class instructors whenever possible, all the while leading her own yoga retreats and workshops. Lauren has solid roots in Hatha yoga with continued studies in Vinyasa flow, Anusara, Ashtanga, Restorative and Yin Yoga. When not teaching yoga, Lauren can be found, snowboarding, beachbuming, surfing, hiking or snuggling her dog.